Garden torch

The sight of a torch creates a pleasant and cosy atmosphere for an evening with friends or family, and can be an exciting and decorative addition to your garden. Ideal as an evening decoration for parties or for a romantic evening in a sweet cozy setting.

The flame of the torch cannot be extinguished by strong winds, rain or snow!

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Ft16,990.00 (VAT incl.)

The torch is made of hard iron and is 113 cm high. The paint and lacquer finish ensures that the product will not rust for a long time. The high quality of the material ensures a long service life.

Once the torch is lit, the flame slowly turns to a patina colour and burns for a long time, around 90 minutes, with a large 5-20 cm flame. The accessories of the torch are made of wax, which may cause differences in shade.

To light the insert, you need a piece of organic fire starter briquette, and the flame will be burning within minutes. No need for fiddly preparations, no need to bother with fire-starting.


  • High margin
  • Unique product on the market
  • Not a seasonal product, can be used in winter and summer
  • The torch can be used indefinitely
  • The insert is a durable product; no drying out, insensitive to moisture, can be used indefinitely
  • Not self-igniting or explosive

Recommended use

  • Garden, terrace or balcony
  • For decorative purposes at planting events
  • On the terrace of restaurants

Overview of customer benefits

  • Equipped with anti-corrosion protection
  • Handmade product (without the use of laser technologies), therefore smaller differences in size and weight may occur
  • Burns with a large flame of about 15-20 cm
  • It has a minimum burn time of 90 minutes, during which it burns with a high flame
  • Strong winds, rain and snow cannot extinguish the flame of the torch
  • 113 cm long torch with sharpened end for easy stabbing into the ground
  • The insert can be stored indefinitely, is a durable product; no drying out of the insert, not sensitive to moisture
  • Not self-igniting or explosive


  • Place the wax-soaked insert (wax-soaked toilet paper) inside the torch
  • Light an organic fire starter briquette, place it inside the insert and the insert will burn to full flame within a few minutes
  • When burning, only place the top of the torch on top if you want to extinguish the flame
  • Suitable for outdoor use only
  • Ignite near hazardous flammable substances
  • Not recommended for children and young people
  • Do not let children or animals near the flare
  • Never leave a lit torch unattended
  • Metal objects may have sharp edges
  • Important! Always make sure you follow the rules and regulations on lighting fires.
  • Keep well away from children!
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